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Summer 2018

We’re preparing your copies of the

Summer issue of Hearing HealthCare News.

Copy Deadline: May 1

Ship Date: June 4,5,6


Please mail, fax or e-mail up to 150 words of custom copy to  You may also select a topic from our library of topics (section 4 of your Practice Development Program manual).  We’ll print the Editor’s copy (shown below) if we don’t receive copy from you.

Note: Be sure to get a confirmation number after sending custom material.

Dennis Hampton, Ph.D.

Our Topics
  • Do Older Adults Hear Differently. Discussion of how our hearing changes as we get older, whether or not someone has a hearing loss. 
  • Hearing Complaints from People with Normal Hearing.   Everyone has difficulty hearing is settings such as restaurants and at the movies.  
  • How Do We Hear? Anatomy of the Ear. Review of how the ear and the brain work together to process the sounds around us.
  • Your Ears: At Risk for Skin Cancer   Summertime can be summer rays, and our ears are a common site for skin cancer.

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Summer 2018

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Editor’s copy: This is what we’ll print in the custom copy area if we don’t receive copy from you by the deadline:

Summer Travel Tips

Are you traveling this summer? Here are some suggestions for your trip:


If you can, make your reservations on-line so hearing is not an issue. If you’re making reservations over the phone:     

  • Let the agent know you have a hearing loss.

  • Repeat the information to confirm the details.

  • Ask for a written confirmation.

Your trip

  • Pack a de-humidifier kit or other durable container to protect your hearing aids.

  • Consider carrying a spare set of hearing aids.

  • Public announcements can be difficult to understand. Look for video monitors that post information about gates and departure times.     

  • Most provide assistive devices, including smoke and fire alarms.

Hotels and Cruise Ships

  • Most provide assistive devices, including smoke and fire alarms.

  • Let someone at the front desk know you have a hearing loss in case of emergency.


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