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Here's what others have said:

"The most effective I've ever done"
Lisa Rademacher, M.A, Cincinnati, OH


"The article on humidity and hearing aids in the summer issue was worth my entire annual subscription... Lots of my patients thanked me for the information."
Julie Haro Grenier, M.A., New Orleans, LA


"The article on hypertension and hearing loss was rather fascinating. I will try to keep this in mind when treating patients."
Stacia Moore, M.S., Kalispell, MT


"The budget director at my hospital was reluctant to try it, but the newsletter has proved itself time and time again over the past 5 years."
John Fosnot, M.S., Pittsfield, MA


"The Battery Club has been a big hit! This is the best marketing I've ever done. We got an immediate response."
Vangie Neeley-Marshall, M.S., Valdosta, GA


"I am very pleased. We had a terrific response from our patients."
Meredy Hase, M.S., Waukeesha, WI


"The response has been overwhelming... it has paid for the newsletter 30 times over."
Terry L. Burke, M.A., Glenwood Springs, CO


"You were right...after one issue the increased battery sales paid for the entire subscription."
Henry Hecker, M.A., Newport News, VA


"Your product is terrific. It's helped us a great deal" Roy Bordenick


"The response to one issue paid for the entire year's subscription!" Hubert Fernande


"The newsletter provides an extremely efficient mechanism for contacting all our patients" Meredy Hase


Regarding Audiology HealthCare News:

"Audiology HealthCare News has proven to be an excellent resource for the physicians"

"Our survey confirmed that 74% of our physicians were actually reading it"

"A Doctor gave it to our new patient and said: "Go see them- they're the experts"

"The physician newsletter has been an asset to our office"

Selected as one of Hearing Journal's "40 Great Marketing Ideas"
September 93