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Survey Results from Subscribers Demonstrate a Return On Investment (ROI) of Better than 18:1
  1. As a result of reading the newsletter, at least 1 to 2% of readers purchased programmable hearing aids. Sometimes immediately, maybe in several months, but the newsletter contact program lays the groundwork and reinforces your advice. We run articles on programmables on a regular basis.
  2. A reported increase of about 40% in battery sales when they follow a Battery Club protocol (Do you know what percentage of your patients purchase batteries from you?
  3. An increase in annual hearing tests from the typical 25-30% range to 60-65% range (talk to us about the other components of the program regarding: counseling the patient, re-call letters, our annual story about the importance of regular hearing evaluations).
  4. Increased patient loyalty. Difficult to measure the number of patients who remain loyal, but would have gone elsewhere after being swayed by direct mailings from discount houses or misleading newspaper ads.
  5. Improved patient satisfaction. An informed patient is a more satisfied patient. This develops long term loyalty, realistic expectations, and more patient referrals.
    Example: an average subscriber takes 700 newsletters for $1625 a year (4 issues), plus $525 in bulk postage = about $2150 /year. (about postage: remember that the newsletter as a periodic contact program replaced and combined the functions of other mailings). The results:


1.5 % programmable sales:

10 aids X $900 net X 4 issues = $36,000


battery sales:

20% of $10,000/yr net = $2000


increased annual tests:

(depends on test fee) instead of 150/yr,at $65, 300/yr = $9750


patient loyalty:

most commonly mentioned bit difficult to measure = "X"

Summary of results: $36,000 + $2000 + $9750 + "X" = $47,750
Divided by the cost of newsletter program plus postage ($2,150) = an ROI of better than 18:1
The real return is the increased patient satisfaction and success that comes from providing extra quality and service consistently using this follow-up care program.